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Thai folklore tell stories of mythical creatures, humans & demigods

That are inspirational, wondrous and educational. It is believed that the mystical himmapan forest is located in the himalayan mountains below the buddhist heavens, invisible to the eyes of mortals. Take a walk with us on this mystical journey and discover the myth and legends of this world.

The mystical himmapan forest is home to characters such as the kinnaree, Manorah and others.

Like any other forests, it has a canopy which is the upper branches of trees in a forest. The canopy cover offers protection for the diverse plants and animals to thrive below it.

Deforestation the death of our forests

What can you do to help?

  • Reduce Packaging
  • Reduce Meat Consumption
  • Plant Trees
  • Boycott Destructive Companies
  • Support Responsible Companies

A gigantic jambolan tree grows at the foot of the Himmapan mountain rang.

This tree stands on the river banks of Sida Nadi, the River of Coolness.

"Beyond this is a forest of trees that have women as their fruit, they are very beauti-ful and are like maidens who have reached maturi-ty. When men see them, they fall in love with them." Like the fruits of the Jambolan tree, the exhibits you see here are the JEWELS OF THE JUNGLE

Waters from lake Anotata flows out from four cardinal point marked by the face of a lion, and elephant, a horse and a bull.

The river on the south is blocked by a mountain, so it shoots upwards into the air and falls onto a three-sid-ed stone that forms the three sided Lake of Lotuses, out of ehich flows a massive river above ground as well as one into A RIVER CAVE that breaks info five rivers: the Ganga, Yamana, Aciravati, Mah i, and Sarabhu.