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Mermaid show

The mermaid shows have been part of Aquaria Phuket's experience since 2020. Their display shows off skilled actresses and actors donning silicone fins and performing graceful underwater acrobatics in a 3.5 million liters saltwater tank. The mermaid show is unique, engaging, and most of all, realistic.

Hanuman (White monkey) and Nang Suphanna Matcha

Hanuman chases Nang Suphanna Matcha Episode is the one episode from Ramakian, the greatest Thai literrary work, influenced by the Indian literary work, called "Ramayana". This wpisode is based on a story of a brave and skilled soldier of Rama "Hanuman" who was attacking LangKa city, but got obstructed by "Nang Suphanna Matcha". She blocked the route to go to Lanka city with rocks. He chased her with the intention to kill her. However, when he finally met her, he changed his mind.

Kinnaree and the hunter

This Kinnaree Thai art is a depiction of beautiful angel-like female ladies from the Himmapan forest in Thai literature. Kinnaree (Thai: กินร�) has a lower body similar to a bird, which enables her to fly between the human earth and mythical heaven. Because of her elegance figure, Kinnaree has become a symbol of beauty, grace, and charm in Southeast Asian folktales.